Ben Davis jr

Track listing for upcoming Ben Davis jr full band EP/New acoustic EP in the works


I'm proud to announce the final track listing for the EP to be produced by Eddie Ashworth. Eddie has an incredible ear and a very impressive pedigree! I'm very excited to get this rolling and to hear how Eddie portrays these songs. This EP will feature many of my friends who have never been recorded with me. Look forward to hearing Dennis Wolfe, Bart Wiseman, John Kirk, several others, and maybe even some Dirt Poor Troubadours in there! Anyhow, here is the track listing!


Roller Coaster


Once In Awhile

The Well's Run Dry

Here's to Wishin'


Also I have started writing for an all acoustic EP (by popular demand), that will be recorded at another locaton. The plan is to combine both EP's and release them on a single vinyl record! More news on this will be shared as it presents itself!

Take care,